We are located in the South-East Annadale section of lovely Staten Island, NY and service the 155 homeowners of our private community. Our site is going to be used as an additional place that our home owners can visit to get current information as well as contact the Board of Directors.

Atlantic Village

The Atlantic Village Homeowner’s Association is a Not-For-Profit corporation in the State of New York. Our reason for being is “to provide for the maintenance, preservation and architectural control of the Common Areas and to promote the Health, safety and welfare of the residents.”



Contact the Board by clicking here or sending e-mail to "theboard@atlanticvillage.org".


COMMON CHARGES: If you are in the minority who have not yet remitted your Common Charges that were due July 31, we urge you to do so immediately to avoid court and legal fees. Contact T.W. Finnerty at 718-980-3657 to make arrangements.

*The Atlantic Village Homeowner's Association is responsible for the removal of snow from the Common Area side walks. We wish to remind all homeowners that per New York City law, each individual homeowner is responsible for shoveling snow in front of his own property.

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